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Cowhide Rugs

Today, cowhide rugs are IN, and can be found anywhere from log cabin or bohemian loft to luxurious mansion or swanky downtown office. At Southern Hides the cowhide rug has been elevated to floor art that demands to be noticed. Master leatherworkers tan the hides by hand, making them supple, silky soft and shed-free, then have created stunning intricate patterns like stripes, patches, contemporary waves, circles, chevrons and starbursts-some resemble hardwood floors and exotic tiles. Even neutral, one-color simple patch design rugs have been designed with varied hide nap direction, so light and shadow change the hue and add an interesting textural element. Our cowhide rugs are available in many sizes and shapes, so you are sure to find one that looks amazing in your room and fits perfectly too. If you want a cowhide rug that is uniquely stunning and on-trend for current home design-and remains supple without shedding or wearing thin with time, get a cowhide rug from Southern Hides. You will be so glad you did!

A solid cowhide rug has an especially imaginative look to add to a contemporary decor. With so many colors, designs, shapes and sizes, there is certainly a solid cowhide rug that will fit the decorating project you are working on. Even if you have never considered owning a solid cowhide rug before, you may find them to be surprisingly affordable. A solid cowhide rug can add that certain something your room is missing, and can transform it from an ordinary room into something altogether extraordinary.

If you have never thought about owning a striped cowhide rug before now, you may be surprised to learn about how affordable one can be and what bold beauty one can add to the value of your home.

A striped cowhide rug can add a whole new dimension in elegance and style to a room that is already decorated, but may be missing an element to complete it.

A neutral cowhide rug is a charming addition to any room in the house, with its simplistic accent that goes with absolutely anything. Every decorator knows that a few choice pieces added to a room in neutral color will open up the room and allow you to do more with it than you could otherwise do. A neutral cowhide rug is just such a piece, that will go with either a colorfully themed decor or a neutral based ambience.

The wonderful thing about a colorful cowhide rug is that it goes with absolutely any and everything in the home.

The totally unique and stylish look of a colorful cowhide rug will add a whole new depth of value to your decorating project. A multi-colored cowhide area rug adds elegance to any room you choose to add it to.

Stunning natural cowhide rugs are all the rage in decorating, and it’s no wonder. Crafted by leather artisans, the natural look of cowhide that has not been dyed adds that certain visual appeal to your project that you’ve been trying to capture. Each natural cowhide rug is carefully designed for its unique qualities for the overall work or art, using small pieces of natural cowhide and joined together with intricate stitching.

Nothing else is quite as striking or unique as a metallic cowhide rug. Hand crafted by leather artisans, piece by piece, sewn together with quality and painted with metallic accents to provide a gleaming, accentuating 3D look. Bold and dazzling, a metallic cowhide rug is exactly what is needed to complete the look of that special decorating project.

The retro-modern look is absolutely in right now, and nothing adds that look in quite the same way that a metallic cowhide rug can.

A beautiful animal print cowhide rug can work magic in any room, by adding that perfect look or feel. The rugged look of a cowhide rug with a bold animal print can turn an ordinary room into something spectacular.

Designed and made to look like th authentic print of an animal such as a zebra, giraffe or other wild or exotic animal, an animal print cowhide rug can transform your room into a warm haven where family and friends want to gather.

A traditional cowhide rug is made with beautiful cowhide that has not been dyed, cut to perfect sizes and shapes and masterfully crafted together to produce an elegant cowhide rug in a more traditional style. The nap of the hide has been turned in different directions to provide a richness of depth and character that allows the light to play in the shadows. The result is a truly spectacular work of art for your floor. Hand tanned by expert artisans who are skilled at making the leather supple and soft so that it will last and not crack or shed.

Transitional cowhide rugs are extremely popular today, and it’s no wonder, when you consider that they offer all of the unique charm of the traditional decor, without the boundaries. You could call a transitional cowhide rug a halfway point between the tradition and the contemporary. The motif of a transitional cowhide rugs usually runs similar to a traditional pattern or design, but offers a little bit more than that too, which is what makes this style so unique and welcoming in the home.

Contemporary cowhide rugs are among the most desirable of modern floor coverings and are available in a wide range of colors, styles and looks. Although cowhides are often thought of as old-fashioned or dated, contemporary cowhide rugs offer a fresh and distinguished look in modern home decor.

Modern cowhide rugs are a gorgeous addition to the home, with their unique and well-designed quality, nothing is quite like their look and luxurious feel.

A beautiful designer cowhide rug is a thing of beauty to display in a prominent place in your home or office. Made of 100% natural cowhide and hand-tanned and fit together to create a truly magnificent work of art. Leather artisans skillfully work the leather until it is supple and soft, retaining its quality that will last a lifetime.

A designer cowhide rug will add so much value to your home.


The natural asymmetrical shape of a cowhide is distinctive, rustically charming and on-trend for creating contemporary chic designer looks in the home or office. Southern Hides has taken cowhide from the Ponderosa to the Penthouse with a new twist on an old classic. Now, you can get the distinctive cowhide shape in the color and effect you want for your décor. Try the dyed solid-color cowhide available in shades like fuchsia, yellow, azure, green, red and orange. Designers love the devore and metallic cowhides, painted by our leather artisans in gold, silver or copper metallic paint on natural cowhides in black, white, gray, camel or brown neutral shades. Neutral colors never looked so dazzling! You can go wild over the animal print cowhides, in cheetah, leopard, tiger, jaguar and zebra, bringing an exotic flair to your space. Maybe you just like your cowhide to look like a cow, and you can have that too, with several color choices available. You’re not limited to the floor for a cowhide either! Try hanging one over the sofa for visual wall art, or draping a hide across your bedroom comforter, adding color and texture to your décor. Southern Hides has the perfect cowhide to add eye-catching interest and pizzazz to your space.
Natural Hair-on-Hides

Natural Cowhides

A natural cowhide is just that- 100% natural authentic cowhide in all its original beauty and rustic charm. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from when thinking about adding a natural cowhide to your decorating theme or project. All of the classic colors are available.

Animal Print Hair-Hides

Animal Print Cowhides

An animal print cowhide is a 100% natural cowhide that has been imprinted with an exotic animal print to make it look completely authentic. A bold animal print cowhide will transform your home into something extraordinary in a matter of only a moment. Absolutely everything goes with the look of an animal print.

Color Dyed Cowhides

The natural shape and texture of the hide itself brings something of the old west to its rustic charm, while the modern color allows a room full of contemporary decor to be created around its central theme. A color dyed cowhide can also be used to complete an already decorated area that is lacking that certain something.

Color Dyed Cowhides

Metallic Cowhides

There is absolutely nothing that can add a bold look to your decorating project than a devore metallic cowhide. For a highly dramatic appeal, this is what you’ve been looking for. For strong visual impact, the irregular shape of the natural cowhide also offers rugged durability that will provide many years of enjoyment in the home or office.

Devore Metallic Cow Hides

Cowhide Pillows

Southern Hides has raised the bar on creative pillows for home and office décor. Using only the finest all-natural cowhides, we have created pillows with color, character, texture and elegance. Of course they are treated with the same care as the hides and cowhide rugs, hand-tanned to perfection, ensuring your pillows will be flexible, silky and shed-free for many years with only a damp cloth for spot cleaning if necessary. The cowhide pillows come in a rainbow of bright dyed solid colors, so you have many options to mix and match solids, or mix some bright pillows with some cow print natural or metallic pillows. There are so many designs to choose from! Our cowhide pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Add one cowhide pillow to a chair in a room and you have an instant eye-catching element. Or line the back of the sofa with a row of cowhide pillows and transform the entire look of the room. Every room needs a surprise to make the decor work, and cowhide pillows are just the right accent that will make your space POP with color, texture and stunning design.
Solid Cowhide Throw Pillows

Solid Cowhide Pillows

The solid cowhide pillow is perhaps the perfect accessory in any room in your home, except for perhaps the bath. The bold, brilliant and bright colors are designed to match your decorating projects and add flair to anyplace they are used.

Striped Cowhide Throw Pillows

Striped Cowhide Pillows

Whatever your decorating needs are, you can be sure that adding one or more of these beautifully designed striped cowhide pillows to the project you’re working on or the look you’ve already completed will add balance and appeal like nothing else can.

Natural Cowhide Pillows

Every decorator knows the value of owning a few choice accessories in natural colors and textures, to add brightness to the beauty of your haven. Nothing can compare to owning natural cowhide pillows and displaying them throughout the home.

Natural Cowhide Throw Pillows

Color Dyed Cowhide Pillows

As a rich accent in any room of the home, nothing can quite compare to the decorating ability of the color dyed cowhide pillow. Soft and luxurious, the color dyed cowhide pillow offers a lot to the decorating value of your home project.

Color Dyed Throw Pillows
Animal Print Cowhide Throw Pillows

Animal Print Cowhide Pillows

Animal print pillows command attention any place where you set them. Their bold appearance and elegant charm are able to invite guests into your home and make them feel welcome like nothing else can. Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy the look and feel of cowhide?

Devore Metallic Cowhide Pillows

Devore Cowhide Pillows

What’s in? Cowhide is IN- in a big way. What can it do for you? Transform every area of your home into something spectacular. You won’t believe how extraordinary these devore cowhide pillows will make every room in your home look and feel.

Designer Cowhide Pillows

A beautiful designer cowhide pillow can do so much for your home decorating needs, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. With their beautiful prints and colors will establish them as a necessity for adorning every room in your home.

Designer Cowhide Throw Pillows


  • Overall experience with Southern Hides was wonderful. Delivery was quick. Customer service was very responsive. The prices were great. Thank you!

    Debbie P. | Brentwood, TN
  • The rug I ordered looked very much like it did on the website. It is a great color and as stated, soft on the feet. The cowhide rug arrived a few days after the order was placed. It was very carefully wrapped and they suggested the rug be carefully unwrapped in case you planned on returning the purchase. All in all, this was one of the better web sights as far as presentation and customer service. Thank you Southern Hides!

    Michele S. | Lancaster, PA
  • I am a consumer critic in terms of customer service and purchase experience. I'm delighted to say that Southern Hides provides the very best service and lowest prices. This Co. gives feedback through the order and delivery process and the fastest service you could imagine.

    Lorraine W. | Houston, TX
  • The cowhide rug is excellent. I am so impressed with this company. The shipping was quick and FREE which is always good. I ordered a 12ft long runner for our hallway as our older dog has decided she doesn't like walking on our tiles anymore! The quality and color are wonderful and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone seeking a high quality cowhide rug for a reasonable cost.

    Lizzie T. | Raleigh, NC
  • I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful rug. It arrived really quickly and we really love it. We hope to return to your website to buy more cowhide rugs in the future. You offer great products and service.

    Carol F. | Brisbane, Australia
  • Never having done business with, I was a bit leery of ordering from them but the price of the item, as well as, shipping was great so I decided to give it try. I got what I ordered and the shipping time was very quick. I would happily do business with them again.

    Kathleen N. | Topeka, KS
  • Not the first time I have ordered large cowhide rugs from Southern Hides and probably won't be the last. If these lovely rugs fit your lifestyle these are the way to go... and they fit every type of furniture design.

    Jack M. | Sacramento, CA
  • Very happy - once again! As an interior designer I order regularly from Southern Hides. Yesterday I received an email from my client that the cowhide rug was delivered, saying the color and design are perfect in their kitchen. I got all the credit, but once again Southern Hides really came through for me.

    Tracy D. | Mansfield, OH
  • This my second purchase from them. Good price and service. No problems- I will use them again.

    Cynthia L. | Tallahassee, FL
  • Have received our rug which is absolutely gorgeous. I had to email to say I am very impressed with your company. Fantastic choice of cowhide rugs, brilliant price, great quality and delivered (free of charge!) in a really short time. I will most definitely be using your company again and recommending to others. Thank you!

    Joan T. | Sheffield, UK
  • What a wonderful find. Our cowhide fits perfectly, arrived within the week and is well made and smells delicious. It lays flat and feels great under our feet. Highly recommend Southern Hides.

    Linda M. | Austin, TX
  • Just received my rug. It is gorgeous! Absolutely love it. Wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service. If I need another cowhide rug, I will definitely purchase from you. Thank you again.

    Clare W. | Cleveland, OH
  • I have been meaning to write to you to tell you how completely delighted I am with the beautiful cowhide rug I ordered. The colours are exactly as they are on the website and so are perfect for my home decor; and the quality, size and value for money are remarkable. I'm so pleased I found your company and I hope to order another very soon.

    Kathy D. | Brooklyn, NY
  • Just to say we love the cowhide rug that arrived today. It is beautiful and thanks so much for your fantastic and professional service.

    William T. | Toronto, ON
  • I already have given your website to friends. I am impressed with the quality of the rug and the colors are very similar to how they looked on line. Our cowhide rug was delivered yesterday and we are very pleased with it. Thank you.

    Mary T. | Tacoma, WA
  • May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over this matter. We bought a cowhide rug from you last year and were so pleased with the quality which is why we came back again. We will continue to deal with you and also recommend you to our friends.

    Suzanne M. | Marshalltown, IA

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